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C4P develops cutting edge technology to generate intelligence about the EU procurement for the benefit of the public sector, companies and citizens.
All in a single Platform.


We believe that Artificial Intelligence can help humans be more knowledgeable. And make better decisions in their business.
We exist to make this happen.


We have built the C4P Platform to help our clients know and do better:
Know Better. Improve their knowledge about their day-to-day business.
Know More. Acquire knowledge in market segments they are not active in.
Do Better. Build fact-based strategies and grow their business.
Do More. Increase the efficiency of their performance.









C4P Platform

Monitor. Plan forward. Discover.

The C4P platform provides insights in the EU public procurement.
From multiple sources

Combines information from several sources.

Award & Execution

Provides information about how contracts were awarded and executed.

For Business Decisions

Provides sufficiently accurate data that enable business decisions.


Provides information about the level of pricing at which the EU is buying different services from the private sector.

Entity Recognition

Uses a sophisticated algorithm to solve the entity extraction problem.

Text Mining

Uses text mining to extract information from public data.

Market Classification

Uses Machine Learning to enable accurate market segmentation.

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June 10 2019

C4P Newsletter | June 2019

Our June newsletter looks into 3 of the most important open opportunities of the EU Institutions and show what the C4P brain predicts for each. IBM is the company of the month thanks to their massive win at eu-LISA.And two good news: We are happy to have onboarded three new hires and that we were […]

April 05 2019

C4P Newsletter | April 2019

Our April newsletter is revamped to celebrate the C4P2019 version of the C4P Platform. It focuses on 3 open tenders, and nominates EY as the company of the month.It also shows one of the coolest features of C4P2019: AI predictions of strongest candidates for each EU opportunity.

October 16 2018

C4P Newsletter_Oct18

Our October newsletter focuses on the EU space policy opportunity from DG GROW, Everis, and CASIS from DG EMPL. Our analysis this month is a glimpse of the future: “How predictable public procurement results are?”

August 20 2018

C4P Newsletter_Aug18

Our August newsletter focuses on External Provision of IT Services opportunity of the European Parliament, DIGIT-TM, and Modis. In this edition, we are excited to have a message from Hubert VANHOE, Managing Director Modis Benelux, about Modis’ win of DIGIT-TM Belgium.

June 30 2018

C4P Newsletter_Jul18

Our July newsletter focuses on DG RTD Research and Innovation, Sopra Steria, and eu-LISA. In this edition, we are happy to have a message from Michel Lorgeré, Deputy CEO of Sopra Steria Benelux.

June 17 2018

C4P Newsletter_Jun18

Our June newsletter focuses on DIGIT-SM, DLA Piper, EC real spending in ICT services and Artificial Intelligence.

June 16 2018

C4P Newsletter_May18

Our May newsletter focuses on DIGIT-SM, ICF Mostra, EU Communications and the Superpowers of the procurement data.  

June 10 2018

C4P Newsletter_Apr18

Our April newsletter focuses on ESMA, PwC EU Services, Brexit and EuropeAid. Read it here: C4P Newsletter_Apr18

November 12 2017


DIGIT-TM is the European Commission’s €1Billion worth contract for IT services across Europe, which is currently under procurement. has analysed the specifics of this important public procurement procedure and predicts the pricing required to win this.  

October 04 2017

Benchmark at the EU

The new Benchmark page of the C4P Platform allows you to benchmark any two EU Service Providers, and easily identify each other’s strengths in countries, EU Institutions and service areas. We provide information about the size of the EU contracts they have signed over the past 7 years, the breadth and depth of their portfolio, and […]

October 03 2017

DESIS analysis by

The C4P Platform has produced an intelsheet on previous DG DIGIT – DESIS contracts covering 3 layers: Procurement, Execution and Pricing. It provides companies with the intelligence that they need to define their commercial and pricing strategies for the upcoming DESIS4 opportunity. It also shows how different DGs of the European Commission have been using […]

September 25 2017

The C4P Platform

  C4P Platform-About   We have incorporated your feedback in version 1 and have implemented some new, cool stuff such as predictive modelling and text analytics, and a brand new Benchmark page. How the C4P Platform can help you grow your EU Business The C4P platform addresses common needs of organisations that want to enter, maintain […]

May 03 2017

ISA spending 2012-2015

The European Commission’s ISA2 (formerly ISA) programme supports the development of digital solutions that enable public administrations, businesses and citizens in Europe to benefit from interoperable cross-border and cross-sector public services. According to C4P, ISA spent a total of €103Mio between 2012 and 2015 on private sector services to help it to achieve its mission. […]

About us

Andreas Thanopoulos, C4P Founder

A combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence

We are a team of Scientists and Engineers that believe that human and artificial intelligence combined can generate unprecedented results.

We apply this belief in the EU procurement market to reveal hidden insights from text and data.

The C4P Platform embeds our knowledge and experience in the EU market with the application of data analytics and AI solutions.

We are committed to continuously develop both types of intelligence.

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