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We have incorporated your feedback in version 1 and have implemented some new, cool stuff such as predictive modelling and text analytics, and a brand new Benchmark page.

How the C4P Platform can help you grow your EU Business

The C4P platform addresses common needs of organisations that want to enter, maintain or grow their business with the European Institutions. In particular, the C4P Platform enables you to:

Make evidence-based bid/no bid decisions

What if you could have intelligence about the client’s buying behaviour, incumbent’s actual performance, competitive landscape, most appropriate collaborators, and pricing levels, for every opportunity you qualify?

Never miss a relevant opportunity

What if you monitored opportunities based on a crisp, text-analytics’ enabled classification and not generic and often erroneous CPV codes?

Be able to decide faster

What if each relevant opportunity automatically reached the appropriate expert within your organisation for analysis and qualification?

Build the pipeline of the year

What if you were aware about what is coming up; months in advance of the specifications being published?

Discover your real potential

What if you could have a complete and accurate view of each market segment your organisation is active in?

Grow in new markets

What if you could acquire in-depth knowledge of any new market segment in a matter of minutes?

Increase the RoI of your current investment

What if you could acquire a superior platform at no extra cost from you current investment in EU market monitoring?

What the C4P Platform offers

In a nutshell, the C4P Platform is the te

lescope and microscope of a €4 Billion/year worth market. Through dynamic dashboards, the C4P platform provides intelligence about the:

EU Institutions. A complete buying profile per Institution, and details about how they procure and how they actually spend their budget.
Service Providers. A thorough portfolio analysis of each service provider, their market position and their real EU potential, insights about their business strategy and market outlook, and benchmarking against each market segment’s leader.
EU Market. A complete macroscopic view of forecasts (procurement) and actuals (delivery) of the entire EU services’ market, together with a microscopic view of each EU opportunity published in the past years.

In other words, the C4P Platform is the most powerful market radar ever developed for the EU market.

…And what it requires from you

Three simple things: 1) An internet connection, 2) Ambition to grow your EU business, and 3) Up to 0.0001 of your real EU market potential.

Tech stuff we implemented to make this happen

We are very proud of the technical solutions we developed to make all this happen.

We used lexical and statistical analysis to solve the entity extraction problem at high precision.
We implemented a multidimensional revenue attribution algorithm to realistically attribute revenues to the various winners of the EU projects.
We leveraged on the power of predictive modelling to integrate unlinked datasets of the European Commission.
We applied text analytics to classify the EU opportunities according to their real nature.
We deliver our results in dynamic, web-based dashboards that can be used and understood without any knowledge of the EU market.
And of course, our platform is automatically updated minutes after the update of the relevant datasets of the European Commission.

Want to see the C4P Platform in action?

Just drop us a message at to get free access to a full demo.